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Questions & Answers CIC have been providing high quality teaching, learning and assessment opportunities within Cornwall since 2009.  Operating from our Training Centre in Redruth, our tutors work on an outreach basis taking delivery to where it’s needed across Cornwall. 

Working primarily with 19+ learners, we offer learning opportunities which enable our learners to develop the skills and knowledge required to progress towards their goals, be them personal, social or employability related.  Popular topics covered include Employability, ICT, Health & Safety, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Work Skills and Independent Living but we are always working to add new courses to our list, and love the challenge of being asked to come up with something new.

We pride ourselves in delivering courses that exceed the expectations of our learners and we strive to provide a learning experience that is supportive and encouraging to our learners.

As well as offering courses to individuals, we also develop and bespoke training solutions for other businesses, which can include accredited and non-accredited courses.

We are accredited with NOCN and OCN London, and hold the Matrix standard.

Our reputation is that of a “can do” provider and we are known for thinking outside of the box and coming up with solutions where others simply say “no”.

Experience has taught us that each and every learner engages in training for different reasons. Some train to up-skill professionally, some to develop themselves personally, and some simply because they are looking for something to fill their day.

Here at Q&A CIC, we try to cater for everyone; first by listening to each individual’s needs, interests and wants, and secondly working to engage them with a programme of learning that supports them work towards their goals.

So no matter what your training need may be, get in touch with your question, and let us provide the answer.



All of our courses have been designed to meet the needs of our partners and learners.

We are always looking to develop new courses to fill the gaps


The learning encourages learners to contribute their ideas, knowledge understanding and have group discussions , the tutors don’t just talk at them but controls the group


We don't just teach the the qualification criteria, but we also ensure our courses include elements such as British Values, E-Safety, next steps and most importantly an element of fun to engage, stretch and challenge our learners. 


We can support learners with a wide range of additional needs, our tutors and IAG staff are experienced at identifying additional support needs, and we have a established network of partners that can provide further support if required.


Q&A CIC prides itself in not being an off the shelf provider, and where possible we will ensure our learning opportunities are flexible and delivered to suit the needs of our learners/ partners.


We are not a "bums on seats" provider, and although we aim for a minimum of 12 learners per course to make it viable, we often run with much less, based on the barriers overcome by those that do attend.





Questions & Answers CIC


Questions & Answers CIC

Pool Innovation Centre, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3PL​

Email: info@qacic.co.uk
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