IT Master Classes 2016

We are pleased to announce our new range of short courses, focusing on IT for both individuals and businesses/employees.

Our IT Master Classes

Internet Basics

QACIC Redruth

This is a taster session designed for people who have little experience using the internet, and would like to learn how to get the most out of their computer. It covers areas such as getting online cheaply, looking up information online, finding fun and interesting things to do, using comparison sites and getting cheap deals, buying products online safely, communicating with others and the basics of internet security.

Social Media for Business

QACIC Redruth

This is a two-day introductory course aimed at small-medium and family run businesses, with little to no experience of social media marketing. The course covers the basics of; Setting up company pages on the most popular social media sites, how/what content to post, best practices, etiquette and common faux pas, how/why to interact with potential clients, both B2B and B2C and ways to deal with complaints/negative public comments.

Interactive Form Creation (advanced Word Processing)

QACIC Redruth

This course is aimed at learners who already have a good understanding of word processing tools, and would like to learn how to create interactive forms and use some advanced word processing techniques. The course covers; making effective use of the new “ribbon bar” in newer office versions and accessing hidden tools, adding and using form fields such as name boxes, date pickers and dropdown menus, using tables and design templates effectively in form creation, locking documents and different save formats.

Office 2003 to 2013 

QACIC Redruth

This course is designed for people who work with older Microsoft Office products and are now making the transition to newer versions – particularly focusing on Word and Outlook. It covers the features included in the newer versions, how to navigate using the new “ribbon bar” and find common features, using new formatting and design templates, picture editing tools, creating a PDF and calendar sharing.

This course can also be adapted to suit Office 2010 rather than 2013.

PC Maintenance

QACIC Redruth

This three-day course covers a range of basic PC maintenance for both hardware and software, and is aimed at people who have an interest in understanding their computer, how it works and how to perform basic repairs. This course includes; identifying hardware components and their purpose, cleaning components and identifying simple faults, building a PC and replacing components, installing Operating Systems, software and updates, removal of viruses and malicious software and general daily maintenance.

 To discuss your training needs or to book a place on a course, please contact Beccy on: 01209 200583 or email: