About Us

Established in March 2009, we are the 50th CIC (Community Interest Company) to be established in Cornwall. Our mission is to provide training that excites and exceeds the aspirations of organisations and individuals throughout Cornwall.


Questions & Answers CIC has one priority, and that is to our learners.  We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of training in a format that; not only challenges and motivates our learners to achieve, but is also accessible and encourages our learners the opportunity to view training in a new light.

Our learners come from a wide range of backgrounds and each have their own story to tell, but here we encourage them to leave their baggage at the door and come and to talk us as individuals, explain to us their specific needs and barriers and to give us the opportunity to offer a package of training that will help them overcome those barriers and allow them to shine.

Our delivery is flexible in regards to time, venue, length and level, and we do all we can to ensure learners are referred to the right course for them, rather than setting people up to struggle.We recognise the fact that each and every learner engages in training for different reasons. Some train to up-skill professionally, some to develop themselves personally, and some simply because they are looking for something to fill their day. Here at Q&A CIC, we try to cater for everyone; first by listening to each individual’s needs, interests and wants, and secondly working with them to develop a programme of learning that helps them work towards their goals.

Thanks to our four different mainstream funders, the majority of our courses are FREE. Where a charge is required, we aim to make it affordable to all, often offering better value than other providers but never sacrificing on quality of delivery.

We work with four of the largest awarding bodies in the UK, and offer training in a wide range of subject areas, including; ICT, Personal Development, Employability Skills, Professional development, Business Start-up and Self Employment through to specialist areas such as Teaching, Leadership and Management. We even provide courses purely for fun and to encourage social inclusion.

We are constantly seeking to increase our range of courses, and like nothing more than when someone sets us the challenge of designing, developing and delivering a new course.  We operate across Cornwall and into Devon, and all of our provision is mobile and can be brought to you.

So no matter what your training need may be, get in touch with your question, and let us provide the answer!

Remember you learn something new every day, so let Q&A CIC ensure that every day you spend that time learning something worthwhile.